UK Swiss Fake Rolex Submariner Replica Watches For Sale

Rolex replica UK, the world’s most successful watch manufacturer and most famous luxury brand, has been producing fake timepieces for well over a century. In that time, they’ve come out with dozens of models and literally thousands of different references, spanning from tool replica watches online like the anti-magnetic Milgauss to dress watches like the Cellini King Midas.

Virtually anything sporting a Swiss fake Rolex badge is hot property… But not all copy Rolexes are made equal. Some models and references are naturally more desirable than others – indeed, even within references, there’s a hierarchy of collectability that dedicated luxury replica Rolex collectors (of which there’s quite a few) get hot under the collar over.

With new best 1:1 fake Rolexes harder to get your hands on than hen’s teeth right now, many watch fans have been inspired to look to vintage or discontinued references of popular AAA quality replica Rolex watches to get their ‘Rollie’ fix. Which raises the question: what references should an aspiring (or even veteran) cheap fake Rolex owner look for when shopping for the Crown’s most popular models?
To answer that question, we spoke with Paul Altieri, the founder and CEO of Bob’s Watches – one of the world’s largest and most respected online watch exchanges and UK perfect replica Rolex specialists – to get his take on what the best references are for three of Swiss made fake Rolex’s most iconic models.

First up, we have the Swiss movement replica Rolex Submariner: arguably top fake Rolex’s most famous model and in many ways, the archetypal wristwatch full stop. At the time of its launch in 1953, it was one of the first-ever modern wholesale replica dive watches online and remains one of the most popular dive watches on the market (even if it’s been superseded on a technical level by other watches such as best quality copy Rolex’s very own Sea-Dweller or modern dive computers).
Altieri argues that the reference to collect is the Swiss copy Rolex ref. 14060/14060M, a reference he termed “the last of the best” in this brilliant article. Produced between roughly 1990 and 2010, these replica watches for sale UK sit in a real sweet spot that makes them perfect for daily wear as well as a convincing investment/collection opportunity.

To broadly summarise Altieri’s article, newer UK super clone Rolex Submariner references are much chunkier than the classic references – in line with the modern taste for larger copy watch sizes – and their Cerachrom bezels won’t age and develop a patina like older references’ aluminium ones. On the other hand, truly vintage fake watches for men lack many of the modern creature comforts later references benefit from, such as sapphire crystal glass, unidirectional bezels, and advances in movement technology.

UK Swiss Luxury Fake Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513 And GMT-Master Ref. 16750 With Glossy Dials

The fake Rolex product line saw many interesting developments in the 1980s. The Cosmograph Daytona went from the brand’s worst seller to its most sought-after timepiece thanks to the introduction of their first self-winding chronograph movement with the launch of the references 16520, 16523, and 16528 in 1988. Quick-set date functionality made models like the Day-Date far more user-friendly, and the universal incorporation of sapphire crystals across the brand’s models kissed the vintage, acrylic-crystal era goodbye.

Around 1984, just prior to the introduction of sapphire crystals in their bread-and-butter entry-level sports models – the black dial fake Rolex Submariner ref. 5513 “no-date” Submariner and the copy Rolex ref. 16750 GMT-Master – Rolex introduced an important dial change that has lasted to the present day. After 18 years, Rolex switched from the matte dials used since 1967 to vibrant glossy, lacquered dials with white gold, luminous hour markers.

These still vintage, acrylic-crystal models were both discontinued and replaced with sapphire crystal versions: The blue and red bezel fake Rolex ref. 16700 GMT-Master launched in 1988 replaced the 16750, and the ref. 14060 Submariner (now water resistant to 1,000 ft/330 m) replaced the 5513 in 1990.

The glossy-dial versions of these acrylic-crystal references are therefore quite rare, having been produced for just six years for the 5513 and only four years for the 16750. They combine the best of two worlds – vintage and modern – and are still quite affordable as the knowledge surrounding these rare variants is not widespread.